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One more season won’t hurt

I planned on closing My Heart Beats Football after Euro 2016, but I’ve been requested to continue it, so I guess it’ll be open for one season more.  Also, I’ve been asked by sever…:

I had planned on closing My Heart Beats Football after Euro 2016, but I’ve been requested to continue it, so I guess it’ll be open for one season more. 

Also, I’ve been asked by several people if I can do another football fan fic with the Les Bleus coach and his identical twin. However, they want to see him at none other than FC Barcelona. I’m thinking about it given that Marcus is a patriotic son of a gun who cares nothing for the Liga. We’ll see how/if that takes off when the new season of football begins.

Bring on the new season!

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Tottenham Hotspur beat Real Madrid at Wembley; moves on to knockout stage

Tottenham Hotspur did not come to play! They beat Real Madrid 3-1 and advanced to the knockout stage of the Champions League and I am overjoyed this evening. Dele Alli scored a brace (27′, 56′) and Christian Eriksen scored one (65′) as well before Cristiano Ronaldo scored a token goal in the 80th minute. No clean sheet for Hugo Lloris, but Spurs was simply OUTSTANDING! They even managed to shut my bias commentators up.

What a historic night to remember!

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Trinidad and Tobago kicks USA out of the World Cup

99th-ranked T&T held nothing back last evening against the 28th-ranked USA as they beat them 2-1 in a physical game. Although I applaud the boys’ effort, this victory did nothing for me because they won’t be going to Russia. I don’t want to hear the Americans blaming the pitch either because Lionel Messi scored a hattrick on a bad pitch in Ecuador to take Argentina to the WC.

Also, to the Americans saying that T&T is 1.3 million and the USA is 323 million, stop it. It’s lame and embarrassing.

Congrats T&T. 

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Les Bleus qualifies for Russia 2018!


With goals from Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud, France went on to win 2-1 against Belarus in their last WCQ game winning the top of Group A and qualifying for Russia 2018. Although I am truly pleased about this, I see room for improvement for Les Bleus. They have not been exactly setting the qualifications on fire.

Hugo Lloris was one happy captain last evening! 🙂

Photos via Equipe de France Twitter handle

Watch the highlight reel below of last evening:

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Lionel Messi puts Argentina on his back and carries them to Russia 2018

The road to Russia seem impossible, but then Messi intervened.

On the 10th of the 10th month, the world’s greatest number 10 gave a 10/10 performance.

What is Argentina without Lionel Messi? I’ll tell you: nothing.

Where I work, a co-worker was saying that we should get ready to see an Argentina-less World Cup, but I laughed because I just knew Messi was going to get the last word against Ecuador and he certainly did in the 3-1 victory over the Ecuadorians last evening.

Some bitter people are saying to stop saying that Leo single-handedly took Argentina to the World Cup. I know he did not play alone against 11 players, but Leo was the only player to score a competitive goal for Argentina in 11 months. HE SCORED THE WINNING GOALS. Argentina struggled to qualify. Had Messi not played like a man on fire last evening, Argentina was not going to Russia. And yet, they treat him like dirt. 

Leo has mad love for his beloved Argentina, but his teammates need to wake up and smell the coffee. Their talisman can’t always save their hides. I am tired of seeing him rescue Argentina again and again. That is too much pressure to lay on the shoulders of one man. Whenever Argentina loses, they blame Leo instead of the team. When they need to get out of a tight spot, they look towards Leo. 

It is high time that the team repays him at Russia 2018!

Watch his wicked hat trick below. The third goal was my favorite.

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Ousmane Dembélé to Barcelona?

I’ve been keeping my eyes on Ousmane Dembélé for a long time now. Last year, I said that we should keep eyes on this rising talent for FC Barcelona might just be in his cards. 

Today, reports are saying that Barcelona has reached an agreement to sign Ousmane from Borussia Dortmund for £138m (some media outlets say it’s 110, 120, 150…). If this is so then he will be the second most expensive player in football history… for now. 

Anyway, this sounds like a done deal, although I am waiting for the official confirmation. 

Image via Twitter