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Making His Mark: Olivier Giroud, Montpellier’s Pride, France’s Redemption


Olivier Giroud might just be part of France’s redemption at the upcoming Euro 2012. Like Cavani, he’s fast, sharp and performs really well in front of the goal. Yes, he’s great in the air too. Giroud’s rise to the top was well fought for and partially won (He has yet to convince the doubting fans that they can depend on him). He plays at Montpellier, which means he plays in the Ligue 1, which also means a lot of football fans wouldn’t know who I’m talking about because they shun the Ligue 1, which produces wonderful talents all season long. Matter of fact, the talents was so wonderful this season that many clubs are waving the ‘Get the French’ banner.

Olivier Giroud is just one of those many talents.

At the beginning of the season when asked about his dreams, he replied that he wanted to play internationally for his country, France. Giroud went on to work hard, and the hard work is paying off. Montpellier won the Ligue for the first time and Giroud tied with Nene for 21 goals apiece for France’s top goal-scorer. And like Cavani, big clubs are taking notice and knocking on Montpellier door.

They want Giroud.


Giroud for Montpellier

Clubs such as Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Real Madrid was linked to the lethal Frenchman, but it seems like Monsieur Wenger will be the one to get the rising star. Reports are saying that the Frenchman will join Arsenal in the summer. Some might say, ‘Why would Montpellier give up their best talent when they’re heading to the Champions League next season? That will be ridiculous!’ The Champions League is a time for all the players to shine and every player dreams of participating on the big stage, but Arsenal is also going to the Champions League too.

But back to the excitable Frenchman.

Giroud started against Germany on March 01st 2012 (He debuted in Nov 2011 against USA as a sub). This friendly was without the likes of Benzema, Remy, and Gourcuff. Giroud was part of the starting eleven and boy, did he deliver with that beauty of an opening goal and magnificent finishing. (Many fangirls are still hooked on the kiss he shared with Debuchy, the one who with the assist. Hey, it was just a cheek kiss! But then again, anything relating to French and kissing is sexy).


Giroud for France

About his future with France, no worries about this 25-year-old if he continues to play superbly. With the Euro in the air, he shouldn’t be spending too much time on the bench (although he is yet to come off it). Look at the game against Iceland. He came off the bench, turned the tide in France’s favor, providing two assists which made sure France capped another win. He should get a regular starting role even if he is chosen to play alongside Benzema. Benzema is a great player and a threat but Giroud is faster, stronger, sharper and has the vision for making or creating goals. They will be a lethal package if they starred together.

If I can have 10 Girouds on the field, then I know I’ll be winning many games. Giroud has proven himself worthy. A lot of fans will disagree because they don’t know who he is as opposed to Benzema. However, if Benzema was not playing for Real Madrid, I doubt many fans will have known him. He was virtually invisible while playing for Lyon. The same thing is happening with Giroud, but before the Euro is over, he’s going to prove them all wrong. He’s going to show doubters that not because he don’t play for a high profile club (yet), means that they can belittle him.

Giroud is the pride of Montpellier and he is going to be part of France’s path to redemption. He is one to watch at the Euro for France.


Grenoble              —- 27 games  —- 2 goals

Istres (loan)       —- 34 games —- 14 goals

Tours                   —- 69 games —- 38 goals

Montpellier       —- 86 games —- 39 goals

France                  —- 6 games —- 1 goal

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