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The Platini Conspiracy

3 greats

3 greats (from L to R): Maradona, Pele and Platini

Michel Platini is a former French great and in my opinion, the greatest Frenchman who ever played the beautiful game. The only thing which stopped him short of receiving all the credits he rightfully deserve was not winning a World Cup.

But that takes nothing away from his greatness.

Many anti-France fans believe that because of Platini’s position as the President of UEFA (note, not FIFA, but UEFA), he is helping France. But in what way? By hiring the referees? By paying off teams to make sure France win the match? I know that in his position, Platini automatically qualifies as a corrupt being – and maybe he is and maybe he is not, but who not holding power isn’t? – but I just can’t/don’t see him helping the French national football team in anyway.

Made history by being the first to win the coveted Ballon d’Or for three years straight: 1983, 1984 & 1985.

Check the current ranking for France. They’re not even in the Top 10. They didn’t even crack the Top 5 whilst Laurent Blanc was coach and he had a pretty decent team and they even had a lovely record at one point. Has France qualified for the 2014 World Cup (yet)? If Platini is helping the French, then why did he not help them to qualify for the WC and spare them play-offs? Why is France ranked lower than some of the teams who don’t even deserved to be in the Top 10-15?

I think FIFA has something against the French national football team. They seem quite happy to not mention them in anyway when it comes to their pathetic world ranking system. They also seem quite content to look for any form of excuse to push them backwards instead of forward in the rankings.

Underneath Blanc, France achieved a nice feat of successful runs heading into Euro 2012 only to see them slipping away from the Top 10. And nobody was asking why teams such as Greece or England (who had lost so many matches) was in front of France because they seemed quite contend/taken/smitten with Spain as the top dog.

Which brings me back to Platini.

If Platini is hell bent on helping France then why isn’t he doing more? Why is France not ranked in the Top 10 at least? And why did he not help France get an easy group of opponents so they could have won the group and qualified for the World Cup already? And wouldn’t he have made sure to let France win that qualifier against Spain in Paris? The Euro again. Why didn’t France win against Spain? If Platini was so caught up in helping to promote France, the land from which he came, wouldn’t they have won most of their major matches when it came to important tournaments?

I know I sound repetitive but why hasn’t Platini helped them?

I think those anti-France fans are full of b.s. and they need someone to put the blame on whenever France play against certain countries and come away with victories. They act as if the French football team is the ONLY team to sometimes come away from a match with a favorite result due to the referee. I’ve seen other teams win games simply because of a ref’s mistake/allowance but no one talks about it. Most fans turn a blind eye against their favorite teams, but they’re quick to persecute the French when a favor is in their court.

I know corruption takes place almost every day in the beautiful game, but blaming Michel Platini, the President of UEFA (again, not FIFA) is not going to solve anything. If hard solid concrete evidence can show that Platini is indeed a cheat (when it comes to helping France along) then I’ll take my words back. There is no Platini conspiracy. Only fans who want there to be something and they have their many reasons why.

*** This post was written by a guest for MHBF


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