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Best hair in football

Finally, a fun post!

Well, if you want to call this fun. ^.^

My top 5 best hair in football. Note that I said MY and not THE.

Cavani is numero uno! I love his hair. I want his hair. I’d propose marriage to that hair. I love it up, down, wavy, straight. I love the way it frames his face.

Don’t ever cut that hair, Bae. Don’t ever cut it. It’ll be an unforgivable sin. Hair is perfection. L’oreal ain’t ready yet.

Apart from having a really beautiful smile, a sexy ass beard (and I am not a beard lover), Hugo Lloris’ hair reigns supreme in the PL!

That military cut suits you sir.

Ivan Rakitic should be a prince in a Disney movie hence the reason why I refer to him as Prince Charming. I don’t normally go for blondes, but I like this blondie.

His hair is perf!

I’m a BIG fan of Ronaldinho’s hair, head ban and all.

And then there’s Pinto. I love his hair!

Honorable mention:

This man has absolutely nothing to do with football.

His hair is absolute perfection! I especially love it bedroom style. I’m talking about Matthew Gray Gubler. Criminal Minds fans know him as Dr. Spencer Reid and they can testify to the sexy hair.

For me, his hair is the sexiest.


Yep. His hair can have its own starring role.



My heart simply beats football.

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