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The Euro 2016 mascot unveiled … he is adorable and he has a cape!

The official mascot for Euro 2016 is a wee super hero boy:

Some say he looks like Astro Boy:

But the yet-to-be-named wee cutie reminds me of Jimmy Neutron a wee bit:

In any case, French version of Astro Boy or Jimmy Neutron’s bro, I haven’t instantly liked a mascot in a long while … since France 1998! The cutie will take the ceremonial kick-off at France v Sweden tonight so tune in.

Vote for his name here (PS: I like Super Victor):

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Here’s why I like Super Victor:

Who are they?

I  am a normal child, like everyone else! I was born in a small town in France, my father was a soccer player and since I was very young I always loved playing football with my friends. I’m not good as it was my father, but I am working to improve. For me the most important thing when the game is fun and be correct!

How he became a superhero?

One day, stravo playing with my friends; it was a hard fought game. Our team had to beat a free kick from the edge of the area, I felt confident and so I showed up on the ball. My shot is not framed the target and the ball ended over a fence and disappeared. I went to look for him and I realized that there was something undefined in the tall grass.

I walked over and saw that it was an old magic chest. I am a curious person, so I decided to open it and inside found three fantastic objects: a red cape, a pair of beautiful new boots and a ball of UEFA EURO 2016! I was over the moon about my discovery when … BAM! Objects began to swirl around me and suddenly I found that I was able to do amazing things!

His super powers?

My beautiful red coat allows me to fly high in the sky and travel around the world at supersonic speed! It’s a beautiful thing, because it allows me to play football with people from all over France in just one day!

My magic football boots give me a great technical ability and allow me to invent always new tricks! I like to gather people to play football and there is nothing better than the ball of the UEFA EURO 2016 to create a better game! This is my favorite superpower, because it’s always fun to play football together.


They are the official mascots for UEFA EURO 2016 and my mission is to have fun with fans from around the world celebrating the Art of Football. I was really lucky to have got these superpowers will share and I want to.

What is my mission?

Info via and you can visit the site for downloads and a super cool coloring book:

He’s from the future (of football) and he has fancy gloves! That’s Hugo Lloris in disguise >.< My mission is to kidnap the wee cutie and lock him away. Great mascot!

Go give him a wave here (vine unveiling):

Or here:



My heart simply beats football.

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