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Possible Barça home and away kits for next season … Cules, look away

The Cules are outraged.


The club wants to replace this:

With this:

Who wants hoops? I certainly don’t and I don’t like the Brazilian-inspired kit either.

Although nothing is confirmed as yet, Sport carried a poll in which 78% fans said they did not like the kit. Not that I don’t like change, but when you have 115 years worth of history, you won’t be able to get away with breaking traditions easily. Tradition is what sets clubs apart from each other.

Spanish paper Sport, who broke the story on Tuesday, say 78 per cent of fans do not like the kit

The team might win trophies, but it’s the jerseys that sell the team to fans.

Nothing is wrong with the new so-call design, but it just isn’t FCB. I don’t care if Real Madrid removed the cross from their shirt (Google it. Although for far different reasons, you can’t deny that $$ is the true corrupt form of the sport), this is not the Barça way to go.

Real Madrid remove cross from logo to please Muslims

This is a middle finger to the fans, to tradition and to the sport.

The passion is quickly disappearing from football as money continue to talk, but I blame the board for being greedy bastards.



My heart simply beats football.

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