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Fan Service: To answer that NeyMessi secret lovers question

Fan Service!

Fan Service

No, that that kind. Sorry for the tease.

I don’t really check my stats but when I do, I tend to make a habit of looking at the searches to see what football fans are searching for on My Heart Beats Football so I can accommodate some of the requests in the near future. Some made me laugh while some made me wonder why are some of these fans watching the sport anyway if they’re only interested in the hot men.

I mean, one search was about Edinson Cavani’s ass.


I’m pretty sure that’s a Google thing to do because I am not going to start an appreciation thread for Bae’s glorious buns. I mean, he did score that goal with his ass once upon …

This post is not about Cavani’s ass (although I think he is an ass sometimes), it’s about weird searches and I’ve come across this one today ‘Messi Neymar are they lovers?’

No, they’re mates.

Not that kind of mate. Team mates. Friends. Bros. Dude, they’re in a bromance, not a romance. Leo is also Ney’s mentor although the young one is really enamored with Leo right now.

That’s like asking …

Is Cavani and Luiz lovers?

Are Ibrani?

Ooh, look, an ass shot. You’re welcome searcher. At MHBF we aim to please 🙂

Are Sese and Casillas?

Was Henry and Bojan?

Is Aguero and Leo?

Um, I won’t discuss that one. The whole world knows they got something special going on.

Point is, DO NOT mistake a bromance for more than what it is. Sure, some bromances might go too far, but it doesn’t mean that the guys are in a secret relationship. At the end of the day, they go home to their loved ones.

Here’s some free advice: Stop reading those smutty fan fictions.



My heart simply beats football.

2 thoughts on “Fan Service: To answer that NeyMessi secret lovers question

  1. Lol. The most surprising thing about this is that you haven’t gotten searches related to Giroud and Debuchy, who even shared a kiss on the pitch. (My personal choice for most adorable bromance couple. I’m so happy they play together professionally now.)

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