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Yet, another Messi tattoo

Today is going to be a fun day! I’ve decided to just post some fun topics … if I can find any.

Anywho, Lionel Messi has gotten yet again, another new tattoo after recently getting this one:

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The new tattoo is yet to be unveiled publicly, but here’s a preview of the atrociousness to come:

Some fans are angry about this new addition and Anto, what are you encouraging? Tell your man to stop taking those ugly tats! As I was saying, fans are blaming Neymar’s influence on Leo for getting those ridiculous tats. Hmmm …

Nah! Nice try. Messi might be trying to outdo Neymar and Alves in the ugly ink department, but at the end of the day, he is his own individual and shouldn’t let a baby influence him in getting awful ink. I mean, look at their body going to the spoils, and then look at this well-defined ink-free perfect body:


I hope Cavani don’t get tats anytime soon to spoil his perfectly healthy skin. 😛

NB: Some people did not get that this was a sarcastic post. That’s why I said ‘fun post’ at the top. Fun for me is sarcasm. Some fans are going off about Leo’s new tattoo so what better way to join in by making this post. That’s why the word ‘atrociousness’ is in Italics. I guess some people don’t know what it means for a word to be Italicized! Besides, if you look at the tat carefully, it looks like it’s the face of Jesus. I might be wrong though, but that’s what it looks like to me.



My heart simply beats football.

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