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Football’s Sexiest named hottest player in the PL

Erm …

WELL DUH! Look at the beauty that is Olivier Giroud. No other players in the PL come close to such scorching hotness. Well, maybe with the exception of Hugo Lloris, who is my quintessential Frenchman.

According to dailymail:

Giroud has been named Paddy Power’s inaugural ‘Hottest Premier League Player’ after a landslide win.

A total of 250 American women were asked to rank 300 players from England’s top flight and the dreamy Frenchman came out on top. 

In a cheekily charming acceptance speech, the striker was presented with a golden mirror and thanked his parents ‘for making me this way’ before also giving shout-outs to his team-mates, barber, botox technician, make-up artist, tailor and his selfie assistant, Gunners right-back Mathieu Debuchy.


Those American women have eyes alright! It was a meaningless award, but I love the fact the Frenchman made the most of it, even thanking his waxer, Ospina.

Hmm, I wonder if Arsenal would count this as a trophy? Kidding!

Arsenal forward Olivier Giroud has been named Paddy Power's inaugural 'Hottest Premier League Player' 

The dishy Frenchman goes on to thank his parents for 'making me this way' in his acceptance speech

Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina makes a cameo to present his team-mate with the award

Giroud inspects Paddy Power's golden mirror award after being named the league's best looking player

Paddy Power’s golden mirror award. Oh, the vanity! 😛

Giroud flashes a charming smile after coming out on top among the 250 American women who were surveyed

Giroud would be sending women crazy for a long time reminding us why Frenchmen rules! And that sexy, sexy accent!



My heart simply beats football.

4 thoughts on “Football’s Sexiest named hottest player in the PL

  1. And then he scores two goals today just to remind everyone that he’s more than just a really, very, incredibly pretty face attached to a fabulous body. That video made me laugh for about ten minutes. While I hope that he’ll be playing for years to come, there’s no doubt in my mind that when he does retire, broadcasters will line up to bring him on board as a commentator. Nice to catch a glimpse of his selfie-buddy too. Arsenal are doing well enough, but they’re noticeably better when he’s available.

    1. ‘Arsenal are doing well enough, but they’re noticeably better when he’s available.’ I was telling my sister this very same thing last evening. I was deliriously happy when he scored that brace. I don’t care what fans and critics alike say, Giroud is a vital player.

      1. Absolutely. Every time I hear Arsenal fans gripe about wanting to spend crazy money on a big name striker, I can’t help but think that they’d be better off sticking with Giroud and spending the money on getting two or three world class players in other positions.

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