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Neymar calls Messi his friend

We know that Neymar has nothing but love and respect for his partner, Messi, but the youngster revealed that they’re also friends off the pitch, something most of us already knew. I mean, the chemistry they share is a beautiful thing and their link-up is becoming deadly. When Suarez finally settles in with NeyMessi, then we’ll have a wonderful threesome.

After the 5-0 victory against Levante on Sunday, Neymar told Canal Plus:

“I’m very happy with the result. The other day I missed a penalty, but these things happen. For me it is an honor to play alongside Messi, Luis Suarez and Pedro. Messi is the best friend I have, both at Barça and away from the football pitch.”

Some reports are saying that Neymar called Leo his ‘best friend’ like the above quote up there, but listening to him, I think he said ‘es un amigo’.

Yeah, I am not great at any other language besides my English, but I think he called Leo ‘spectacular’ and that he is a friend on and off the pitch.

Ah, love is a beautiful thing!



My heart simply beats football.

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