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Hervé Renard on managing France and the PL

Fresh from winning the AFCON 2015, Hervé Renard seems to be reevaluating his future, but for the time being, he is not leaving Ivory Coast.

Speaking with  Shorouk Sports the Frenchman confirmed that he will be staying on as Ivory Coast’s manager:

“Officials of the Ivorian Football Association want me to continue with them, and I have the same desire to stay and complete my contract, especially since am leading the continent’s strongest team, having achieved their first African Cup of Nations title in 23 years, ”

Despite this, Renard was linked to the Pharaohs (Egypt) who has been without a manager since November, something which he denies, although he once expressed his desire to lead the team.

“Now I have a contract with Ivory Coast and I am focused with the Elephants, but later if [Egypt] offers me a deal I will think about that because Egypt is a very big team and I would like to lead them.” (via Radio Monte Carlo).

However, talking to France’s Football365Renard said that the PL is his main objective:

“There are more resources over there. We can recruit and build a team as desired. In France, it becomes more difficult. In England, they might be more open to a profile such as mine, they do not have certain issues like: ‘he has been more of a national coach than a club manager’ for example: For them, you are a coach or you are not, full stop.”

I don’t know where his lucky white shirt would take him next, but I’ll really love to see him coach France. He addressed this by saying it would be “almost impossible” to coach Les Bleus. Well, that might be true, but all the best with your future endeavours, Renard. We know you can never stay put for too long.




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