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FC Barcelona poor game prove costly at the Camp Nou

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FC Barcelona hosted Malaga and couldn’t seem to get on like a house on fire, which led to their 0-1 defeat at home. An Alves mistake cost the team in the 7th minute which saw Juanmi put Malaga ahead. Before the game kicked off, I said that Malaga’s goalie, Kameni would be the one to beat and he didn’t disappoint me. Yet, from the time I saw the Alves mistake which led to the goal, I had a sneaky feeling to turn the TV off because the game had been won right there. But you hold onto the hope – fingers crossed and all – that someone, ANYONE be it Bravo or Mascherano to even up the score and eventually go on to win the game. Sometimes we just want Messi to score so bad and when he do not deliver, we want to knock him around. I’m way over that though although I wanted him to score in this game to continue his scoring streak in 11 consecutive games.

This is FCB’s 4th Liga defeat this season. Pique picked up his 5th yellow card and will miss the game against Granada next week. Suarez was called offside wrongly a few times. NeyMessi did not click. Enrique is not to be blamed for this disastrous display.

Did Barςa deserve to lose?

After playing like that, yes. A lot may disagree with me, but yes, they deserved to lose. I’m agreeing with Enrique when he said, “I hope this game was an accident.” It’s as if they were playing with City on their mind. I know we can’t win every single game, but I really wanted us to win this one. Even a draw in the end would have sufficed.

Do you know what this game painfully reminded me of? For the people who are saying that Messi is not the face of Barςa anymore, he is the driving force behind the team. When he plays mediocre the team collapses like a house of cards and that was evident enough in this game to see.

I hope they don’t repeat this performance when they meet City. It was one of their worse games this season.


My heart simply beats football.

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