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Deschamps talk Nasri and Pogba with RMC


France manager Didier Deschamps responded to questions on a range of potential members of his forthcoming France squads as we look ahead to EURO 2016 on RMC.

On if Nasri will ever be selected again…

“I don’t even ask myself that question anymore.”

On Samir Nasri…

“Why do you still want to talk about him? In Autumn 2012, I decided to call him to talk to him because he had refused to play in August, September, October. He didn’t want to explain himself to the manager (Deschamps). The possibility of taking him in August didn’t bother me. When I have players in my squad, I talk to them. I tell them what I expect of them, on and off the pitch. I had a chance each time I spoke with him to tell him what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Either he didn’t hear me or he didn’t want to hear me. He says what he wants. Apparently, he says he is happier without the French national team. The French national team continues to live and perhaps even better than before.”

*** I have to agree with what DD said here. The squad do look happier without Nasri as if a burden has been lifted off their shoulders. But I don’t think Nasri is happier without the team. He is just putting up a front because he is still toting feelings over not being selected to play for Les Bleus, so he’ll say anything once it makes the team makes bad in his eyes. 

On Franck Ribery…

“I am not speaking about that anymore.”

On Patrice Evra…

“He plays the role of the experienced player, the framework, the leader.”

On Antoine Griezmann/Karim Benzema…

“Benzema prefers to have players around him. He scores goals. I want as much choice as possible.”

On Paul Pogba…

“You only ever take the negative things that I say about him. But 90% of the time I am positive about him. I told him what I expect from him. We are not talking about a 30-year-old player. There was a time when the environment around him … he has not ok mentally.”

On Nabil Fékir…

“There is what the media is saying. He is playing a lot and is performing. He is undoubtedly efficient. I am following him. He will choose (between France and Algeria). If I call him up, he could play elsewhere. It will be his decision. He has a very interesting potential. He has only been playing in Ligue 1 for 6 months. I won’t call him up simply to block him from representing another country. That makes no sense.”

*coughs* Del *coughs* Bosque. *Coughs* *Coughs*

On Florian Thauvin…

“There are those who do it and those who don’t. He needs to project himself onto the international stage. He needs to confirm his potential. There are over 50 people on the pre-selection list.”

Oh yes, most definitely! 

On Layvin Kurzawa…

“He’s young too. He joined us. He’s struggled to come back from his injury. I’m watching him like the others.”

One for the future! No rush.

On Paul Georges Ntep…

“He’s had a very good end to the calendar year. He was injured, he has potential. His feet aren’t uncoordinated.”

Les Bleus’ future is looking bright! 🙂

On Thierry Henry…

“He deserves to be honoured, but we shouldn’t sully matches.”

In agreement with the boss.

On David Trezeguet…

“He was an important player for the nation team. But a decision was made on the 100 caps mark. We can’t honour everyone.”

On signing an extension...

“I am very happy. I don’t have to open other doors. Now the question does not arise (about leaving).”

On France vs Brazil…

“France vs Brazil, I have thought about it for several long weeks now. It is symbolic. A prestigious fixture. The Stade de France will be full. Motivation will come naturally.”




My heart simply beats football.

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