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Fan service: Davani

It’s fan service time!

Fan Service

Someone requested photos of David Luiz + Edinson Cavani = Davani.

They went from this (almost killing each other):

To this (a happy and healthy relationship):

No, seriously. Do you know how much investment it takes to go from this:

To this?

They have no one but Laurent Blanc to thank for their friendship. Ladies and gentlemen, Blanc is a miracle worker. He saw something in Luiz and brought him to Paris and here we are sitting expecting Cavani and Luiz to break into fighting any minute, but they’ve decided to get to know each other and look at how their friendship has blossomed!

I like this bromance. I’m sure even Ibra gets jealous because David only has eyes for El Matador 😛

Luiz, please, trade with me. I’ll do anything! … I’m not that despear … really, anything!


I really like Cavani’s face. When alive, it’s super expressive and I know some people think he’s got a face only a mother can love (how rude!), but I think he has a beautiful face.



My heart simply beats football.

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