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Real Madrid fans want Cristiano drop from the squad

Well, the 32.2% who voted in a poll in the Spanish newspaper, AS that is. The voters were not kind to Bale. 46.1% said he should be dropped. I think the fans are ungrateful and they’re just angry that Ronaldo’s lack of scoring in the Liga allowed Messi to catch up with him in terms of most goals. Both currently have 30. At the beginning of 2015, Ronaldo had this in his bag with no one to catch him, although I did say not to count Leo out.

Sure, his form has dipped recently, and although I do agree that no one is bigger than the team, I think they should shut their front door and stick with him. You can’t love him when he’s scoring and making the team look good and decide to hate him when he’s not at his best.

Today Real Madrid hosts Schalke in the return leg of the Champions League. If Madrid wins and Cristiano scores and breaks the top scoring record (until Messi plays and take it back 😛 ), the fans are going to go bonkers.

‘We knew Cristiano would have beat Messi to the top scorer record. Hala Madrid!’

‘CRISTIANO! Best in the world! Hala Madrid!’

‘Cristiano delivers again! Hala Madrid!’

‘Cristiano better than Messi! Mejor jugador del mundo! Hala Madrid!’

But what about Bale? He is the scapegoat for Madrid and I don’t think it’s fair. In my opinion, he does not unbalance the team. Ancelotti just doesn’t know how to use him yet. He shouldn’t have gone for James Rodriguez either. Anyway, let’s not forget that it was Bale who helped Madrid win the Copa, Champions League and World Club Cup by assisting and scoring. Tell me how is Bale a flop? If the team is not performing well, then you can’t point blame to one player. It’s the entire team’s fault and if they’ll stop playing for Ronaldo, they would have the essentials to cope without their injured stars.



My heart simply beats football.

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