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Doppelgängers: Russell Brand and Edinson Cavani

Ah, doppelgängers! Well, this pair are not quite.

I’ve always thought that Russell Brand(well, from his days of Arthur) and Edinson Cavani can pass for brothers.

Well, maybe you might have to squint, but I maintain that they can be brothers in another life. Plus, they have awesome – and sometimes shiny – hair!

You don’t want to mess with them when they give you that look:

It’s in the eyes:

They make anything look good:

Russell Brand is planning a third installment of his memoir

Edinson Cavani - "Oscar Del Calcio AIC 2010" Italian Football Awards

PLUS! They look good shirtless.

Well, Cava has a nicer physique.

Brand is like my favorite British actor. I like him. And well, you guys know about Cava 🙂



My heart simply beats football.

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