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France tidbits: Blanc backs Cavani, Zlatan ban reduced, Marseille out of title race and Clermont is looking good

Blanc backs Cavani

Laurent Blanc loves Cavani like a son and like a good father, sometimes he has to chastise the son. Blanc is not afraid to call out Cavani when he is underperforming, but it makes him extremely happy when Cavani is performing well and he slathers on the praises like butter!

Blanc is backing El Matador to score today when PSG take on Nice. Of Cavani’s performance against Barcelona mid-week, the coach said:

“He had a difficult game. As every forward or attacking player, he is upset when he doesn’t score.”

He is backing El Matador to score against Nice:

“I hope he will have the opportunity to do it against Nice and that he will do it.”

Don’t worry, Blanc, he’ll do it even if he has to put his back into it. I’m always behind Cavani so he better not let me down or else! Blanc also delivered a warning to the team:

“We will go to Nice with a lot of ambition to get the three points with all respect due to Nice. That’s our role to get the players to understand even if this game doesn’t come at the best moment, it is as important as the coming ones.

“It is the final sprint and we are not allowed to fail. That’s my message to the team, to focus on the championship and for the result, we will see tomorrow evening.”

All the best Blanc and Cavani.

Payet and Ibra’s ban reduced

In what might be considered good news for both Marseille and PSG, Payet and Zlatan had their abuse suspensions reduced by one match.

Marseille out of title race?

Coach Bielsa certainly think so!

After losing 1-0 to Nantes last evening, Bielsa has given up hope of winning the Ligue 1 title this season. It was his team’s 3rd consecutive loss and they have no one but themselves to blame. Do you remember when they were title contenders? Yeah, seem so long ago now.

Bielsa shouldered the responsibility of the defeat upon himself:

“A team that loses three consecutive matches in the closing stages of the championship cannot hope to win the title.”

Marseille remains fourth on the L1 table.

Clermont is doing fine

Madam Diacre had it to do this season. I’ve been watching her ups and downs and after two consecutive wins, Clermont Foot is in 13th place on the Ligue 2 table with 41 points. Although I said the Madam should focus on Clermont avoiding relegation this season, they still have a lot of work to cover, but for now, they’re doing fine.




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