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Lionel Messi’s ‘Panenka’ penalty is the best ever – Antonin Panenka

Lionel Messi opened the scoring with audacious penalty against Getafe

Lionel Messi’s ‘Panenka’ penalty against Getafe has been hailed as the best ever – by the man himself.

Antonin Panenka originated the chipped spot-kick technique as he audaciously clinched Czechoslovakia’s shoot-out victory over Germany in the 1976 European Championship final.

And the former midfielder anointed Messi as the best of his many imitators after the Barcelona forward deceived Vicente Guaita for the first of his two goals in Tuesday’s 6-0 demolition at the Camp Nou.

“The execution was the best I’ve ever seen – not too powerful, central, good elevation,” Panenka, 66, told radio station RAC1.

“Technically the goal was impressive. It is a further demonstration of (Messi’s) quality.”

SOURCE: skysports

That aside, here’s the lengthier praise:

“I was surprised to see Messi taking his penalty like that. I feel honored that the best player in the world followed my example. Messi’s panenka was the best I’ve ever seen. Technically, he’s impressive, he showed it again. I congratulate him.”

This is the original Panenka penalty that has been often duplicated over the years:


And here’s what the fuss was all about over the weekend against Getafe:



My heart simply beats football.

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