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Ronaldo should take heed and ‘calma, calma’

Cristiano Ronaldo slams the ball back into the net after Alvaro Arbeloa had scored for Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player and we cannot take that away from him. He worked hard to reach where he is right now in his career. But it is his attitude while on the pitch that is giving his legacy a bad name.

Last evening, Real Madrid won 3-0 against Almeria, but their victory was overshadowed by Ronaldo acting like a petulant child who didn’t get the candy from the pinata. Rodriguez gave Madrid the lead with a stunning strike. Early in the second half, it looked as if Ronaldo had scored the second, only for it to go down as an own goal by Mauro dos Santos, the last man to touch the ball. The evening ended with Arbeloa scoring the 3rd goal and instead of being happy for his team mate, Ronaldo smashed the ball back into the net (see photo above) and shook his head.

He wanted that goal. Speaking after the game, Arbeloa said:

“I’m not upset about Cristiano’s reaction after my goal. It just shows you his ambition to score. No-one can be upset about that. He is fighting with Leo Messi for the Pichichi.”

While that maybe true, does Leo care about winning the Pichichi? If you look at Leo this season, he looks happier and at peace. He assists and celebrates with his teammates whether he scores or not although at times he might have his frustrating moments when he doesn’t net. Ronaldo’s reaction to Arbeloa’s goal was shameful on his part. I don’t care if Ronaldo is desperate to win Pichichi, he should have been happy for Arbeloa who hasn’t scored in a long time. Arbeloa didn’t do anything wrong and he certainly didn’t steal Ronaldo’s goal. He did the right thing by putting the ball in the net when he had the chance.

Where’s big mouth Thierry Henry now, huh?

Cristiano, you need to calma, calma.



My heart simply beats football.

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