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Pep talk for FC Barcelona v Bayern Munich

*Inhales harshly*

*Exhales slowly*

I’ve never written a pep talk for FC Barcelona like I do for my beloved Les Bleus. This is going to be short though. The last time we met Bayern, things were not pretty, but things have changed since then.

We have these two now:

Combined with the universe’s greatest to create this formidable front three:

I think Neymar and Suarez are the missing weapons we didn’t have access to last time and they’ll be going all out to loot and punish. We can count on MSN to do incredible things. I tipped Neymar to have a great game this evening and I hope he proves me right.

This is definitely D biggest game we’re going to have this season, so let’s do this! Don’t hold back and don’t show Bayern any respect. We came to win and we’re going to show them what we’re made of. These are the games which turn ordinary men into legends and heroes, but this team are already heroes in my eyes.




My heart simply beats football.

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