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Hervé Renard leaves Ivory Coast

If it’s one thing I’ve come to know about monsieur Hervé Renard is the fact that he can’t seem to settle in one place for too long.

Renard has left his position as Ivory Coast coach and issued this emotional statement:

“At the time when I decided to leave … I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people who have played a role in the victory of the Africa Cup of Nations last February. 

“Thank you to the fervour of an entire people who waited for 23 years for a coronation in the most beautiful competitions of the continent Africa. The images of our return home, a few hours after our success against Ghana, will remain engraved forever in my head.”

Ah, Africa, I’m certain he’ll be back in the near future. That special bond he has for you would never go away.

In the meanwhile, Renard is linked to succeeding Rene Girard at Lille although he gave no hint when saying goodbye to Ivory Coast.

May your future be bright, Renard, as you continue on the path of success.



My heart simply beats football.

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