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Messi: always a bridesmaid, never a bride?

Lionel Messi.

With FC Barcelona, the Little Magician has won everything – from the Champions League, the League, right down to the Club World Cup. With Argentina, it’s a different story and it’s not the legacy he wants to leave behind for his country.

Last evening, Argentina let their guard down and lost the Copa America final in style.

A lot of people are still mad at Higuain missing the penalty, but calling him every name in the book won’t help. Blaming Martino for choosing Higuain to take the penalty is even more silly than blaming Messi for not winning the competition with Argentina. Messi did all he could for his country during this tournament. He played his little heart out in the blue and white stripe. Yes, he deserves to win something with the team at the senior level, but the World Cup and Copa America were not it.

This was his 3rd loss in an international final. Yes, THIRD. In a FINAL.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Leo lost the Copa America final in 2007 to Brazil and just last year, he lost the World Cup final to Germany.

Watching Argentina in the final was frustrating (As a matter of fact, watching Argentina in ALL finals are frustrating!). They did not play well. Had they played like a passionate team, they would have been celebrating the victory and not Chile, who won 4-1 on penalties. Leo was the only one who scored the penalty for his team. Higuain missed somewhat terribly and I want to put it down to nerves, but it seem like every time Argentina make it to a final, they somehow bottle it. Argentina seems to let down their coach, their fans, and their country every time they should make an event count. They even let their captain down.

I am disappointed that Argentina did not finish as champions last evening but don’t go about saying Chile didn’t deserve it because they worked hard AS A TEAM.

These triple heart breaks for Leo makes me think that maybe Argentina don’t deserve him. Messi is just one man and he cannot do this by himself. He needs a team and it was plain to see that the team was pretty much invisible last evening.

I know how Leo feels. He wants to prove that he can take Argentina far and win silverware with them, but he won’t be able to do it by himself no matter how possible it may seem at times. He might be capable of taking them far, but he needs a team who’ll finish what he started. Would he always be a bridesmaid at his own wedding (finals) and never a bride? Only time would tell.

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