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Bielsa calls it a day

Minutes after Olympique de Marseille lost their Ligue 1 opener of the new season – 1-0 to Caen at home – Marcelo Bielsa announced that he will step down as head coach.

Bielsa told the shocked French media:

“I took my decision on Wednesday. I’ve finished my work here. I’m going back to Argentina.”

Rumours are circulating that he will coach the Mexican national side, but I am sitting here with my fingers crossed hoping that he’s going to put Tata Martino out of his job.

That joke aside, the 60-year-old’s future at the club was uncertain since late last season, but the way he just upped and quitted, was rather unprofessional if I must say. Complaining about having no project at Marseille and about the best players running off on their own contracts shows that Mr. Bielsa don’t like responsibilites anymore as coach. He could have made things work and what got me mad is the fact that he showed up on the opener of the Ligue 1 season and quit right after the game. If he knew he was going to quit, he shouldn’t have returned to the club at all and management could have used pre-season to find a suitable predecessor.

I don’t like quitters, but I wish Bielsa all the best in his future endeavours.



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