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Wasteful City falls as Arsenal falls for Chelsea’s bag of tricks

Manchester City v West Ham 1-2

Manchester City v West Ham United - Premier League

Man City was extremely wasteful over the weekend as West Ham put a stop to their winning habits. Payet assisted the early opener by Moses and by the 31st minute they had a 2-0 lead through Sakho. Aguero eventually set up De Bruyne, but there were no more goals to come from City.

This was the first time City was beaten this season, but I take nothing away from a determined West Ham.

Chelsea v Arsenal 2-0

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League

This game was a disaster as Chelsea picked up just their second win of the season as Arsenal fall prey to Costa’s dirty tricks which saw two of Wenger’s men sent off.

Zouma headed in the lead in the 53rd minute through a Fabregas free kick and Hazard added a second thanks to a deflected strike. Gabriel and Cazorla were sent off in this match leaving Arsenal to struggle with 9 men.



My heart simply beats football.

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