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Kane finds his shooting boots as Spurs make mischief at the Lane

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League

Both teams started off well inside the first ten minutes with Spurs playing under pressure by the way they were trying to get the ball forward too quickly.

Lloris made a defensive error in the 7th minute when he was attempting a goal kick. The ball flew straight at Sterling, who fired a strike over the top of the crossbar, but the referee blew his whistle after seeing that Sterling had used his arm to control the ball. Aguero released a superb low shot meant for the bottom right-hand corner, but Lloris was there and he made a brilliant save by tipping it round the post and out for a corner. Then City went on the attack after a wasted corner from Spurs. Walker with the sloppy pass but Toure doesn’t care. He runs forward, roads up with De Bruyne, who slotted home for the opener in the 25th minute. Two minutes later, City was at it again and this time it’s Sterling who fired a low shot bound for goal, but Lloris makes an excellent stop with his dreaded right hand.

Kane had a chance to tie things up at 1-1 in the 33rd minute, but he missed the target completely. He should have passed to Eriksen who was open and free on his right-hand side. Two minutes later, Lamela had a great opportunity to get one back, but he mishit and he could only be frustrated as the ball flew wide of the goal. Kolarov tested Lloris with a great shot, but the French goalie pushed away with a sublime save. Salvation in the 45th minute! Walker sends in a cross from the right wing, it kissed Son on the edge of the box, he shoots, Cabellero saves, De Bruyne with a poor clearance straight into the path of Dier, who strikes from 30 yards and BOOM! Back of the net to tie things up just before the half time whistle.

Spurs started the second half with a mission and they got what they were looking for in the 50th minute. Otamendi fouled Kane and it’s a free-kick for Spurs in a dangerous position. Lamela sends the ball in, finds Alderweireld, who lifts and heads home pass Cabellero for a slim 2-1 lead. This is his first goal for Spurs. 61st minute and it’s another free-kick for Spurs. Eriksen unleashed a rocket of a strike; it hits the crossbar, bounces off and kisses the feet of Kane, who buries a sweet half-volley for 3-1 for his first goal of the season after 24 attempts and the joy on his face was EVERYTHING. Passion! This is what football is about. Sweet relieving passion!

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League

Son netted, but he was ruled offside. He is replaced in the 77th minute by Clinton N’Jie. N’Jie immediately got down to work and two minutes later, he beats Kolarov with ease, picks out Lamela with a low cross and Lamela fires home the ball from a close range to make it 4-1. Perfect assist, perfect goal and he deserved this goal for putting in hard work in this match. Lamela came off to a standing ovation in the 87th minute and is replaced by Tom Carroll.

Erik Lamela was named Man of the Match and I take absolutely NOTHING away from Spurs. Well-deserved win for the Lilywhites. They fought hard after City scored first and their determination paid off. This was my favorite PL game of the weekend. It was fast, it was energetic and it was passionate. With all regards to City, this is the Spurs I want to see all season-long.



My heart simply beats football.

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