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Trailer: Cristiano Ronaldo Documentary & Messi’s ‘response’

“I have what I have because I sacrificed a lot.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has scarified a lot to get where he is right now in the beautiful game and when he retires; his name is going to get a place in the history book for his brilliant contribution. I recently watched the trailer to his documentary that is theater bound for November and I squealed like a fan girl when I saw Leo in the trailer! They could have chosen any other clip of Leo playing football, but they chose the one with him winking.

Well played, marketing. Well played. It would convince a lot of FCB fans to turn out in their numbers just to see the real reason why Leo was featured and some of them are going to leave the movie rather disappointed.

Someone mentioned that Leo doesn’t need a film to prove that he is the greatest and that maybe so, but Leo is not a brand like Cristiano. Cris is building his brand and one day, you’ll be seeing him droning out Hollywood films instead of racking up the goals.

Enjoy Ronaldo while you can and don’t feel guilty to go and watch the movie just because you don’t support Real Madrid or Ronaldo. Will I see it? I don’t like documentaries. The last docu-thing I watched was Michael Jackson’s This Is It. I don’t know if I’ll be seeing this as yet. We’ll see!

As for the video going around as Leo’s response, people, chill, it’s just a parody. A bloody brilliant parody! Besides, there isn’t anything for Leo to get mad/jealous about. He was reacting to World Cup 2014 and no, he didn’t say half of those things that some people have assumed he did. Some people must learn to take a darn joke. The parody has accumulated over 1 million views to date.



My heart simply beats football.

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