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Despite identical Lloris save, Neuer couldn’t prevent Olivier from leading the winning assault

Well! Arsenal left a lot of disappointed Bayern Munich fans trailing in their victory wake after winning 2-0. Arsenal wasn’t the favorite to win this match, given that they started their Champions League campaign with back-to-back defeats to Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiacos. Manuel Neuer was having a great evening until that costly error in the 77th minute. The German goalie missed his punch and Olivier Giroud wasted no time in capitalizing on this error. The Frenchman was utmost delighted with his goal. Mesut Ozil added a late second to give Arsenal a 2-0 victory.

Although Neuer’s error was costly, he had a great game. And he produced an identical save to that of Hugo Lloris from two years ago. Whenever De Gea or Neuer produces an unbelievable save, the world falls at their feet, for if you’re not either goalie, your saves will be forgotten. Not this time. For me, Lloris will always be the modern day sweeper keeper, and he doesn’t get enough credit.

Neuer’s save:

Lloris save:



My heart simply beats football.

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