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October 2015 recap: Lloris still unbeaten, Neymar’s poker and Luis’ anniversary hat-trick


I have mentioned earlier that although I am still watching a lot of football, I am becoming less incline to keep up the blog. Life is getting into the way and I have been making a lot of decisions lately. Some I might not like, but I have to make them for my health and well-being. The beautiful game will ALWAYS be a huge part of my life, but when it’s time to move on, I’ll have to move.

1. Poker for Neymar

Embedded image permalink

2. Hugo Lloris goes 8 games unbeaten in the PL

3. Giroud scores brace v Denmark in French friendly

Danemark-France, octobre 2015

4. Enyeama retires from international football

5. Cristiano has a movie coming out, but all the hype is about Leo Messi in his trailer

6. Luis grabs an anniversary hat-trick

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^ Cavani stars for Surface:

^ Useful apps

Fave October photos: (lots of PSG goodies!)



My heart simply beats football.

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