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Arsène Wenger on ‘must win’ for Arsenal

It is not only the fans who are impatient. Even Thierry Henry said on Sky Sports: Arsenal “Must Win”, must become champions this season.

“Must” [is a word that] can be used for death. We “must” die one day. I prefer in my life to replace “must” with “want”. To want rather than to have to. If you tell me, you have to go out tonight, I already want to go out less. If you say to me do you want to go out tonight? Yes, I want to! That is why life should be loved. “Must”… “must”… there is nothing I “must” do.

L’Équipe Sport & Style

The day I say I don’t love this man, call me a big fat liar. I simply love him and his bluntness.



My heart simply beats football.

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