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Gignac sounds off on underrated Liga MX

When Andre-Pierre Gignac moved to Mexico to play for Tigres I admit I thought he was crazy for his international career was done. Apparently, the Frenchman thought the very same, which he admitted during a presser ahead of our friendly against Germany:

“I received pre-selection, evidence that there was still a connection between us. The evidence also that it was not a ad choice to play in Mexico. I can tell you that the Mexican league is exciting and attractive. I recently said it would be 100/1 odds for me to return to the French team.

 “The Mexican league is underrated. After playing in the Libertadores Cup and going to the final, that’s strong enough to be back, no? In my head it was a 95 percent chance I’d need to forget about Les Bleus.”

The 29-year-old also shed some light on his experience in the Mexican league:

“There are people who thought it was a golden retirement. I did not go out (to Mexico) on vacation. I wanted to prove that Europeans did not come to make fun and take money from Mexico, I want them have a good image of France and that we have a good image of Mexico.”

And what do you know! Despite the news we hear on the television or read on the papers about Mexico, Gignac calls life there “exotic” and things are working out just fine for him.

“I think I made the choice to leave for what is an unknown championship in France. There are some players who have called me since that I speak to about my club and their situations. I think I can be a precursor as some are now interested in the Mexican championship.”

I am happy for Monsieur Gignac. Pretty soon he’ll be recruiting other foreign players for the Liga MX.



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