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Soca Warriors draw Americans 0-0

T&T starting XI

I attended the World Cup qualifier last night between Trinidad & Tobago and USA and I must commend the sea of red supporters. They were out in their numbers to support the Soca Warriors.

The first half belonged to T&T, but they couldn’t capitalize on their shots. By halftime, T&T should’ve been up 3-0, had those meaningful shots been converted to goals. The second half lacked energy from both teams and I found myself nodding off at one point. I was drained because I was not well on Monday and then I left work to support the team.

0-0 at final whistle and the players from both teams received a rapturous applause from the Hasley Crawford stadium.

Watch the highlights here:

My 2 Cents!

Although I am delighted that everything turned out fine in the wake of the Paris terrors, I think the match was badly organized. We were liked packed sardines outside the gate slowly chipping to get inside. By the time we got in, all the best seats were taken, so we had to settle for second best which wasn’t bad at all.

Yet, I still see the need to upgrade and improve our national stadium.

I wanted to take some pictures for the blog, but I was too into the game to bother. I did manage to capture a sea of red:

And I want to give it up to these beautiful lively people from my section:

They made the match exciting for those who were sitting near or with them. I’ll try to take better photos next time. 😛



My heart simply beats football.

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