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Interview: Nabil Fékir: “I asked myself if I was ever going to be able to play football again.”

Nabil Fékir has given an exclusive interview to yesterday’s L’Équipe as he continues to recover from an operation on his ACL that has sidelined him from action with France and Lyon for several months.

On his injury…

At one moment, I asked myself if I was ever going to be able to play football again. During the first three weeks that followed my injury, I did not go out a lot. My leg hurt. I was a bit beaten. But when I started the physio sessions, things went much better. Things are better and better. I have been walking normally for two weeks. To be able to run at the end of December would be a bit like a Christmas present…

When you look at the timing, it would be difficult for it to have happened at a worse moment. I had had a good start to the season, I felt good. That is part of a career though. You have to accept it. And do everything to come back stronger.

On tweeting President Aulas…

I do not tweet with the president (laughs). I know that he is often asking the doctor for the latest news. He told me to hold tight. His support encourages me and touches me. We do not have the right to disappoint him, when you take into account all that he does for the club and for us.

On potentially missing EURO 2016…

That would be a really big disappointment. But I would support Les Bleus and I would say that life goes on, I am still young. Of course, I am a competitor, I want to be there. We will be able to see things more clearly in February or at the end of March. I would really like to come back for March. If it is earlier then that, well then great.

On whether he will still be at Lyon next season…

We will see. As I have not played much this season, logically, I should stay for another season at Lyon. Aside from that, if clubs present themselves, we will have to see.

On his dreams…

In my head, I have a lot of dreams. I will not talk about them all immediately. Already, I want to be back on the pitch, to give the best of myself with Lyon, and then join a great club. That is my aim… My favourite club is Barcelona. But I need to work a lot, I am aware of that.

On the Ballon D’Or…

It is not totally crazy [to think about it], no. Hope keeps people alive. I will not say that I am going to win the Ballon D’Or. But I have that in the corner of my head, even if that might seem absurd. I repeat: hope keeps us alive.

SOURCE: getfootballnewsfrance

How can people not love this youth? Continue to recover well, Nabil.



My heart simply beats football.

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