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Riyad Mahrez on being mentioned with the ‘boss’ Messi

A lot of good footballers get overlooked because they don’t play for the likes of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City or United, Bayern Munich and even Paris Saint-Germain (You get the point). Riyad Mahrez is another young product who started off in France and was brought to England for Leicester (France have a knack for developing young talent!). Vardy is having a super season, but I have my eyes on this young man right here. He is often mentioned in the same sentence as the world’s greatest, Lionel Messi.

Case in point, former Liverpool defender, Jaime Carragher:

“Mahrez is doing things with that left foot that I have only seen Messi do,”

What does the young man think about all this attention?

“When I play at home I feel like I’m flying. When people mention me and Messi together it’s amazing, because to me Messi is the best of the best. You can’t say anything to him, he’s the boss. I always watch Barcelona on TV at home because I like how they play.”

Look at the standing for the PL table. Mahrez is enjoying the time of his life right now.

Mahrez is one for the future. I won’t be surprised if big named clubs come knocking next season!



My heart simply beats football.

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