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Messi on taking Ronaldinho’s #10

Messi and Ronaldinho are great friends on and off the field and they’ve always compliment each other well. Sometimes, I wish they were still playing together.

In an interview with Barca TV, Lionel Messi revealed how mentor and good friend, Ronaldinho told him to take his No. 10 shirt.

“Before leaving the club, Ronaldinho was coming off a few months where he was thinking about things. He had it in his mind that he was leaving and he told me to have his number. I took it without looking at what he had done with the shirt. If I did, I would not have taken it.”

Leo also spoke about Ronnie making things easier in the dressing room for him:

“Everyone welcomed me into the dressing room, and Ronaldinho welcomed me in a spectacular way. To go into that dressing room was not easy but he made it all so much easier. I was very comfortable by not only Ronnie’s welcoming but everyone. Those who came up from the [Barca] B sat on the other side [to the main group]. The locker room did a ‘U’ and we sat in front, and there came a moment that Ronaldinho told me to go to his side and that I no longer needed to be where I was anymore.

“There was a spot free and there was Deco and [Thiago] Motta right there, and he sat me right beside them. I must admit at the start it was hard. But he said no, that I was good where I was until I basically obliged to sit there.”

And Ronnie had nothing but sweetness to say about his former mate:

“He’s a simple person, very chilled, and he sat by my side in the dressing room. We had the chance to start a good and honest friendship. He’s a great man.”

The legend of the 10 continues for I am certain Leo would hand it over to Neymar when he finally call it a day.

Neymar: My idol:



My heart simply beats football.

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