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Les Bleus! Path to Euro 2016

I must apologize for my lack of posts. At the moment, I am swamped with this and that, but have the time to banter over Tottenham’s possibility of winning the PL. 😛

Anyway, I am currently writing a Les Bleus parody. It is still in the planning stages, but I’ve already written the Prologue and I’m halfway through the first chapter. The fiction centers around a crazy French coach who will lead his team to Euro 2016 glory no matter what it takes. I am hoping to start posting soon, but if I don’t like the end results, I won’t be posting after all.

If you’re interested and will like to have a peek, go here:


We have a great team, a great coach in Didier Deschamps, an awesome captain in Hugo Lloris, and not to mention, football’s sexiest…

I’m all pumped up for Euro 2016! ALLEZ LES BLEUS!



My heart simply beats football.

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