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France v Russia: Snipers to be deployed and Lloris hope return can restore normality

When France host Russia on Tuesday at the Stade de France, extra security measures will be taken.

Les Bleus will host Russia in a friendly on Tuesday at the Stade de France, the French team’s first game back there since November’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

Deputy head of Paris headquarters for public order and road traffic Laurent Simonin confirmed there will be snipers present at the stadium. Talking to BFM-TV he confirmed:

“The snipers will be placed around the stadium. Also, an elite unit of the French national police will be on guard during the match and will be available to intervene in the stadium or at the vicinity.

“The security features for the match are similar to what was implemented for all three games of the Six Nations Rugby with simply an extra supplementary security device.”

The captain hopes an aspect of normality returns

Speaking to the media, captain Hugo Lloris admits:

“Honestly, we don’t speak about it between the players. We are more focused on our game and Russia. Following such a trauma, we need to move on. It’s important to come back to the Stade de France for the players and the spectators in order to get a certain confidence back.

“We need to trust the security department that will be in charge during the game and the following ones. We need to keep living our lives and our passion all together, the players, the fans, the journalists. That’s important.”

The captain also expressed his disappointment for the players who do not make the squad for Euro 2016:

“Obviously we all want to play the European Championship. Some choices will be made unfortunately for some and fortunately for others. The most important is the French national team. We all want to see the national team having a great European Championship.”



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