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Les Bleus: The Path to Euro 2016!

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A few months aback, I apologized for my lack of posts and I went on hiatus for a short while. I also mentioned that I was working on a Les Bleus fiction of sorts. Well, I still have lots of chapters to write and it’s exciting and thrilling at the same time for I’ve never written anything like it before!

I don’t know how many of you footy fanatics out there likes to read football fics, but if you happen to come across this post, I’ll appreciate feedback. 🙂 Editing is on-going.

A short excerpt:

The game started well for France, but better for Brazil, so when Varane scored the first goal, Marcus didn’t break into celebration with the Stade de France. He was watching Brazil and how hungry they were on the ball. He never disliked a team more than Brazil. In the 40th minute, Oscar tips the ball under Mandanda for the equalizer and the French fans looked toward the new coach to see his reaction, which was quicker than the no reaction expression for the opening goal.

Fils de pute!” Marcus yelled startling his bench. “What the heck is wrong with you in the back there? Now is not the time to take a nap!”

When the whistle blew at half time with the scoreline at 1-1, Marcus was the first to enter the tunnel. When they assembled in the locker room, he was pacing, stabbing angrily at his tablet screen. “Pogba, does out there look like a friendly to you?”

“No, Sir.”

“Exactly! That’s why I said that this game is not a friendly when I walked in here earlier!” Marcus shouted blue eyes enraged. “Brazil didn’t come here to make friends. They came here to fight and to win, and you want to know something? They are going to win tonight, but by how much? That depends on the way you play.”

I’ll further explain why Marcus da Díxon is going to be probably the crudest and most ‘outspoken’ fictional coach that you’re going to hate/love, but I’ll let his conference speak for him:

Over the few chuckles, Ray replied, “I actually just flew in, but the boys are ready. Obviously, it’ll take time for them to adapt to the new coaching head, but they’re ready.”

The same journalist asked, “Do you anticipate it to be a close game?”

Marcus scowled. “Football is like they say, unpredictable. Close, far, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the result when the final whistle goes.”

“Now that you’re the new coach of Les Bleus, do you think you’d ever recall Nasri?”

“He is not a favorite player of mine. As a matter of fact, he has never been a favorite player of mine.” Marcus watched as shock and surprise littered some of the journalists’ faces. Some even had the audacity to gasp. “He is not important. Yes, go on and can quote that. It’s not a misquote.

Marcus says things that a lot of fans won’t like. Heck! I don’t like it too, but I have to become Marcus when I write, so I have to be a little nasty.

“Give us your honest opinion, do you think Zlatan changed the Ligue 1?”

Marcus stopped sipping gentlemanly from the glass of water and smirked. “The only thing I’m sure he changes is his underwear. Changing the Ligue 1? Non. He can’t singlehandedly take PSG to Champions League glory. He flops in many big games and he doesn’t deliver for Sweden.”

Some of you are going to be mad, but relax, it’s just fiction. 😛




My heart simply beats football.

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