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‘I was made for loving you my team, You were made for loving me’

French band Skip The Use (from Lille) had one task to do: make a great anthem for Euro 2016 and what did they do? Cover an old Kiss song I Was Made For Loving You changing ‘baby’ to ‘my team’.

The French Football Federation shouldn’t have allowed this cover to see the light of day. It is, after all, Euro 2016 and they’re covering an American song and to make matters worse, it is in English and not French. I admit, I love my team and the chorus is catchy, but I wonder if they skipped the use?

The video features the likes of French footballers N’Golo Kanté, Steve Mandanda, Paul Pogba, Christophe Jallet, and Yohan Cabaye. I listened to the song a couple of times and I do like the cover, but not for something as spectacular as Euro 2016. The song should’ve reflected French culture and promote the French language. The world is going to be watching and it should be a great time to showcase and project the French image globally.


I was made for loving u my team
You were made for loving me I can’t get enough of you, my team
Can you get enough of me ♫♫



My heart simply beats football.

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