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Mandanda might have just played his last game for Marseille

Steve Mandanda might have just played his last game in a Marseille outfit. 

Mandanda has revealed that he might have played his last match for Marseille following last evening’s 4-2 Coupe de France loss to PSG. The long serving 31-year-old goalie is out of a contract next month with the French club after eight years. Speaking to reporters after the match, Mandanda reflected:

“There is a good chance that tonight was my last game. That’s why the disappointment and frustration are even greater. Tonight is difficult to talk about. I lived great and beautiful moments, more complicated, but it was amazing. It was something great.

“Tonight, it’s not necessary what I want to remember. We are disappointed, frustrated. I conceded four. I wish I could have been decisive.”

It doesn’t matter if a goalkeeper was not responsible for letting in most goals, THIS is exactly how most of them feel after losing a game. Mandanda is a target for Everton, so I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Wherever he ends up, that club would be very lucky to have a great player like him.



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