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Les Bleus! The Path to Euro 2016

La Petit Muse...

I am ready to share what I’ve been working on in my spare time. It is not entirely completed though. This football fan fiction is my very own tribute to both the beautiful game and my utmost favorite team of all time, Les Bleus. I wanted to introduce the story with a BANG! but in the end, I just decide to ‘go with it’ for I want to have it up in time for Euro 2016 which kicks off this Friday. The story was actually written for me to work on my dialogue so scenery might be a little dull. I am working on my writing weakness bit by bit, tackling one issue at a time.

Without further adieu, My Heart Beats Football presents Les Bleus! The Path to Euro 2016.

“In summing up most of these tweets, football fans think that you’re an absolute lunatic and they feel…

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My heart simply beats football.

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