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Euro 2016: 02 days to go: team bus slogans

The big day is almost upon us! 

Today let’s look at the slogans for each team:

Country Slogan English translation
Albania O Sa Mirë Me Qenë Shqiptar! It’s good being Albanian
Austria Immer weider, immer weider, immer weider Österreich Again and again, again and again, again and again Austria!
Belgium 1 team – 1 ambitie 1 Team – 1 Ambition
Croatia Nova vatra, staro mjesto, ista nada. New fire, old place, same hope.
Czech Republic Jeden tým = Jeden cíl! One team = One Goal!
England One team, one dream  
France Votre force, notre passion Your strength, our passion
Germany Wir meistern  das! We will make it!
Hungary Ria Ria Hungária! Ry-Ry-Hungary
Iceland Áfram Ísland Come on Iceland
Rep. of Ireland Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.  
N Ireland Dare to dream  
Poland Łączy Nas Piłka  United by football
Portugal Um passado de glória.Um futuro de Vitória A glorious past. A future of victory!
Romania O echipă, trei culori şi milioane de inimi care bat pentru România! One team, three colors and millions of hearts beating for Romania!
Russia Один за всех и все за одного! One for all and all for one!
Slovakia Jeden národ, jedno srdce, jeden sen! One nation, one heart, one dream!
Spain Un color, una pasión. Somos la Roja. One color, one passion. We are ‘La Roja’
Sweden Tillsammans för Sverige Together for Sweden
Switzerland Hop Suisse! Hopp Schwiiz! Forza Svizzera! Go Switzerland! Go Switzerland! Go Switzerland!
Turkey Biz Bitti Demeden Bitmez It’s not over until we say it’s over
Ukraine Мрія народжує переможців! Victory starts with a dream
Wales The dragons shall rise



My heart simply beats football.

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