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Deux: the sexiest thing since…

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Marcus lit up a cigarette in the comfort of his room as his brother relay both negative and positive news from the social media world. Ray was a technology geek and there was not a social media site he did not have a signed account with. Marcus was not one to have his business plastered across the internet and never felt the need to open any social media accounts. He was content with life as it was and didn’t need other social distractions.

“In summing up most of these tweets, football fans think that you’re an absolute lunatic and they feel sorry for Les Bleus.”

“They won’t be feeling sorry when we win the Euro,”

“They also think you’re a savvy dresser and Pep Guardiola finally has competition.”

“With this Frenchman? Pah! He can forget it.”

“The females think you’re the sexiest thing since Yoann Gourcuff.”

“Because I’m French,”

Ray frowned and put the tablet down. “Marc, you’re a great coach and all when you get into the spirit of football, but they’re scared of you. I bet they can’t wait to go back to their respective club and talk about you.” Just then his cell phone vibrated and he retrieved it from his jacket pocket. He rolled his eyes. “Mr. Junglee Billi can wait,” he shoved the phone back in his jacket and turned to his smirking twin. “As I was saying, you… what was I saying?”

Marcus chuckled. “Don’t bother about it. I can’t believe you’re on a nickname basis with SRK. What does he call you? Know what? Don’t tell me. He is going to call back and you’re going to get annoyed and answer him anyway.” He stood and stretched, the cigarette barely dangling from his plump sensual lips. “I’m going for a walk,”

Ray softly growled as his cell phone furiously vibrated in his jacket pocket. “Kya?” he asked the caller on the other end. Marcus fondly shook his head at his twin and quietly left the room. He strolled down the empty hallway passing closed doors. Behind them, some of the boys were laughing or gossiping in French. Marcus ventured outside into the still night and gazed up at the starlit sky as he privately reflected on his journey as the new coach of the French national team, a job that was thrust upon him after Deschamps left the post due to being a suspect in an ongoing case about financial malpractice while he was still coach at Olympique de Marseille. He was just the right man for the job, according to Deschamps, because he was a no-nonsense individual who got the job done.

Marcus had connections within the French Football Federation and although he never used any of them, he still got the job. The FFF thought it would be funny to place the stake of the French national team in the hands on a young lunatic. However, the team needed stability and the FFF didn’t want a repeat of previous embarrassing years. With all that Marcus had accomplished in such a short span of time, they decided to take a huge risk and place the national team under his care and guidance. They needed clean and trustworthiness and Marcus had nothing to hide. Former French national player, Zidane was angry about the FFF’s decision to choose the young man over him and refused to comment about the appointment when asked about it in a presser.

France attracted scandals right before a big tournament, but this time, Marcus wasn’t going to let any bad behavior follow France into Euro 2016 when they take center stage.

Soon, the boys were going to question his background and every decision, but it wasn’t going to stop him from being the man that he was. With Denmark looming ahead, tomorrow was going to be a long day.


^ Junglee Billi – wild cat (Hindi).

^ Kya? – what? (Hindi)

^ On April 17th, 2016, reports ran in France about current coach, Didier Deschamps’s possible involvement in financial malpractice while he was coach of Marseille. I used it for 2015 instead for it proved liable for this fiction. Thank God for fiction universe!




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