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Iceland can spring a surprise

Group F is considered a pretty easy group for Portugal given that their opponents are Austria, Hungary, and Iceland. Iceland is getting written off by most fanatics. They’re not expected to go through, but I refuse to count them out.

The Icelanders started off slow during the qualification round, but I think they’re ready to give everything to show why they deserve their place in the tournament. They’re the smallest nation to ever qualify for a major international final tournament and I am certain the security must overwhelm them, given that back home in Iceland, families almost never lock their doors. In other words, they’re accustomed to freedom.

This is a country on my ‘Must Visit’ list. 

Iceland, as underdogs, I want you to go out there and show the world what you’re made of.

Iceland will kick-off their first game of the tournament on Tuesday against the powerhouse Portugal. 



My heart simply beats football.

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