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Euro 2016 off to a slow start

We’re spoiled. I too can admit this without stuttering. I am spoiled. Not all the time, but I am spoiled.

When Euro 2016 kicked off on Friday, I was expecting goals galore by day 2 given the matches: England v Russia and Wales v Slovakia. I was also expecting lots of goals from teams like Germany, Spain, and Italy. France’s very own Olivier Giroud opened the Euro tournament with a wicked header. Since that, we’ve had the first yellow and red card bookings and free kicks galore! 

I am bad at making predictions and I stay away from doing so, but these are the 8 teams I choose to progress to the next round: France and Switzerland (Group A) although I am still spilt over this. I kind of want/expect Romania to go through with France; Wales and Russia (Group B) although England might likely join Wales; Germany and Poland (Group C); Spain and Croatia (Group D); Italy and Belgium (Group E); Iceland and Portugal (Group F) although I hope that Hungary can surprise everyone by going through. 

Bring on the second round!

Total goals in the opening round: 22

France fans react during the EURO 2016 soccer match in Marseille



My heart simply beats football.

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