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Goals galore! France, Germany, and Belgium advance in exciting knockout round

France v Republic of Ireland 2-1

Germany v Slovakia 3-0

Hungary v Belgium 0-4

If yesterday’s matches were sleep-inducing, then today was one to keep our eyes open. A total of ten goals was scored today!

France came from behind to beat the Irish 2-1 with both goals coming from Antoine Griezmann. The Irish led til half-time, but the second half was all France. They played with a sense of determination knowing that they must win or stay home. They showed consistency – and I can’t believe I’m saying this given the stage we’re in – but there is still room for improvement. Imagine this! Improvement! However, if they play their cards right, they might just end up in the final with Germany. Okay, that’s dreaming, but I wrote a cool final for Les Bleus! The Path to Euro 2016 between the two teams last month. France awaits England or Iceland in the quarter-final.

Speaking of Germany, they became the first team to not concede any goals in their first four Euro games prompting many football fans to doubt their advancement. They feel the big, bad Germans are yet to be tested. What do I think? The Germans LIVE for these tournaments. They’re hungry and they’re not going to stop until they say so. Germany will play Spain or Italy in the quarters.

Belgium ended the day with a convincing win over the Hungarians, who had a good game themselves. A shame they couldn’t leave with a goal or two. Belgium will face Wales in the quarters and this makes for an exciting match.



My heart simply beats football.

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