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Ice, ice, baby! Iceland sinks the English dreams

Italy v Spain 2-0

England v Iceland 1-2

I love it! I love the fact that Iceland came, played, and conquered. Was I the only one who believed that the Icelanders could’ve taken it this far?

Iceland Can Spring A Surprise

While many people wanted to be Irish because they were awed by the friendly merry Irish lads, I simply wanted to be an adopted Icelander. I cheered for this team during group stage and they haven’t proved me wrong at all. Even when a certain Cristiano Ronaldo called them a team with a small mentality and accused them of not going to do anything during the tournament, I dismissed it.

Congrats to the boys in blue, but my support for you stops here as the other boys in blue owns my heart. Yes, Iceland faces France next. The last time they faced us, they give us a hard time. I remember that friendly in 2012 when we had to come from behind to beat them 3-2.

Italy proved too much for the Spanish champions who were eliminated earlier today. Italy will definitely give Germany something to work for in the quarter-finals. Wonderful matches today. I look forward to the quarters with equal excitement and a bunch of nerves.



My heart simply beats football.

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