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You gotta feel for the Italians!

Germany v Italy 1-1 (6-5 pens)

It took nine tries, but the Germans finally got it right against the Italians.

Last evening, I sat down to watch the showdown between Germany and Italy. I called a 1-1 draw which will eventually lead to extra-time and penalties with a win for Italy (5-3). Boy, how I was way off when it came to the penalties! 

I shouldn’t care who make it to the semi-finals given that I don’t throw my support behind either of these teams, but Italy was the better team through and through and it felt sad seeing them lose 6-5 on THAT penalty shoot-out with the Germans. They were in form from the very beginning, but we’ve seen some of the best teams eliminated from this tournament.

The Italians leave with their heads held high and their country should be proud of their campaign.

Grazie Ragazzi!



My heart simply beats football.

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