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HUH! HUH! Les Bleus honor Iceland with their version of the ‘Viking clap’

After France defeated Germany 2-0 last evening in the semis, they celebrated with their fans at the end of the game with the ‘Viking Clap’. Just in case you were living on another planet before this, this intimidating clap/chant stole hearts and terrified some during the start of the tournament. 

This was one of Iceland’s contribution on the big stage although some are debating whether the chant originated from Iceland. 

Terrifyingly Awesome Iceland Chant

Okay, here I’ll attempt to set things straight as a history fanatic. French side Lyon have been doing it for years. Yes, if you were a French football fan, you would’ve known this. I never heard any Icelander came out to publicly claim that they invented this ‘clapping’ thing. They adopted it from the Scottish side, Motherwell. I think the Icelanders got it from one of their Premier League team. 

And here are Lyon supporters with ‘AHOU!’

More French clapping coming up!

However, had Iceland not graced the Euros with their version of the ‘Viking Chant’ then no one would’ve been debating this right now.

Some might call the French pathetic chant stealers, but I look at it as a nice gesture.

A hommage.

The French were honoring Iceland during their celebration. People who passionately spend their days disliking the French (trust me, they exist) are happy they can rip the French about something, but life is too short for all this stupid negativity. The German and French fans were also doing it, but because Les Bleus does it, it’s a crime.

And to the Icelanders who are probably angry that the French ‘stole’ your chant, they did that for you. 

So relax, no one is stealing anything, okay haters. The French have been doing their own kind of clap for years. Iceland is still being talked about in France and the Nordic fans were such an inspiration (as Pogba tweeted) that the French saw no other to celebrate and pay tribute to both their fans (Les Bleus) and Iceland after a hectic Euro. There were no drums and the effect was less intimidating, so it cannot be a complete rip-off. Some so-call football fans need to spend time learning/reading/researching behind the beautiful game and not just watch it for fun.

Look at it this way:

Again, thank you, Iceland. You’ve left an incredible mark on the Euro. 

Germany v France - EURO 2016 - Semi Final



My heart simply beats football.

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