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Dix-sept The final whistle


“Tonight, I have the da Díxon identical twins in studio,” Tony, the brunette television personality smiled handsomely at the cameras. “With rumors swirling around a possible coaching stint to Barcelona or Real Madrid, they’ve promised to set things straight tonight.” He turned to the twins. “Once again, congratulations on winning Euro.”

“Merci,” Ray politely replied.

“What is the most important thing you’ll take away from Euro 2016?”

“The fact that we hosted it and the fact that the boys gave their all in front of the people to win it,” Marcus was looking at the LCD screen that was currently showing footage from the Euro final. “I am proud of them.”

Tony nodded. “Over the course of the tournament, we’ve seen a unified France. But what the nation wants to know is what you’re going to do about Karim Benzema and the likes of Aymeric Laporte.”

Marcus shrugged. “Les Bleus is stuffed with quality. If someone retires, then I’ll call them up.” he joked causing laughter around the studio. “In seriousness, I’ll like to have Fekir come back to the team. Laporte is a brilliant player and although Benzema is yet to be found guilty of any wrongdoing, his characteristics are damaging his reputation. I don’t know how many of you noticed, but when he represented France in 2015/16 (briefly), he acted like a diva when his team-mates didn’t pass to him.”

Tony looked at Ray. “Did you notice?”

“Can I just pretend you didn’t ask me that question and avoid answering it?”

Marcus chuckled and pointed at his twin. “He is too nice. I swear Ray is a saint!”

“And he is well liked,”

“Everyone loves my brother!” Marcus reached for the cup of steaming black coffee in front of him.

“Ray, you were making a documentary on Les Bleus. How is it coming along?”

“It’s in the editing stages,” Ray confirmed. “It’s been such a blast to make and I hope France will like it. Going into Euro, France didn’t have much to smile about and they doubted their team. We were still on a security watch when hooligans decided to come here and add to it. Although we’ve won, we’re still a nation in healing. The wounds will go away over time and I think our victory at Euro is part of the healing.”

“Well said,” Tony nodded. “Marc, is there anything you’ll like to add to that?”

“The power of sport is something to behold. In this case, French football. My team did a brilliant job in unifying the country. They gave the people something to believe in when the path seemed endlessly dark.”

“And your antics by the sideline have become legendary,” Tony innocently pointed out.

Marcus laughed. “If I did not do something, I would’ve had a heart attack in the dug-out.”

“Understandable,” Tony made a note on his tablet. “Okay, so I’m going to choose some fans related questions from off our Twitter handle. Is that okay with you?” when the twins nodded, he carried on. “Which match was your favorite during the tournament?”

“Germany versus us,” the twins said in perfect unison causing the television host to reel back in his chair.

“How do you do that?” Tony shook his head. “Tell France why.”

Marcus grinned. “Well, many said we weren’t tested until that match, but I think it’s the other way around. Germany met their match that night. It didn’t matter which team we won against, someone always had something negative to say about Les Bleus, so it was really sweet when we beat Germany two nothing. They might have been better at possession, but we were better at defending, so we had to use all the weapons in our arsenal.

“People need to stop being butt hurt. If they can’t handle the victory of a team they don’t like, then this game isn’t for you. Possession does not win a game. Goals do. I’ve seen Barcelona and Madrid boss possession, only for them to lose to the smaller team with less possession sometimes. And this is football. Unfortunately, the ref was Italian, but in case you’re forgetting, the Italians are not French fans either and I don’t care for them.”

“Ooh, this is starting to heat up,” Tony joked as he looked to move on to the next question. “Lizelle asks ‘That one extra player you would’ve taken to the Euro?’”

“I wish I could’ve taken all my reserves,” Marcus lifted the coffee cup to his lips.

“What do you think about Portugal?”

“They’re stronger and better without Cristiano,”

“Cristiano or Messi?”

“Griezmann,” Marcus replied.

When Tony looked at Ray, the twin simply replied, “Both,”

“Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho?”

Marcus blew over his coffee. “None,”

“I’ll sit this one out,” Ray joked.

“The English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga?”

Marcus scoffed. “The Ligue 1. Ray likes La Liga.”

“And I think we all want to know this,” Tony held up from his tablet. “Will you be coaching Les Bleus until the World Cup?”

Ray and Marcus looked at each other.

Tony cringed. “I don’t think we’re going to like the sound of this. So the rumors are true about Barcelona and Real Madrid?”

“Yes,” Marcus nodded. “The clubs contacted us along with a few others, but we’re not interested in taking up residence at any other team that is not Les Bleus.”

For a tiny moment, Tony was hopeful. “So…?”

“While it was wonderful defending the blue, white, and red this summer,” Ray chose his words carefully. “We have decided to move on.”

“Yes, Zidane can have my job now.” Marcus input.

“What do you have with Zidane?”

Marcus smirked. “It’s personal,”

“I don’t like this news. Take it back. Why can’t you stay until 2018?” Tony managed to look sad as he asked this.

“Filmmaking is what I do best,” Ray supplied. “Plus, I have a company to run. The Genius tablets that you’ve seen Marc using during the tournament is about to launch.”

“Sweet!” Tony exclaimed. He turned to the about-to-be former head coach of the French national football team. “Et toi?”

“I’ll be heading to court in September,”

Confusion quickly mars Tony’s face. “Court? What did you do?”

“I’m a Lawyer and I have a client to represent,”

“Well, well, well!” Tony looked at the identical twins. “On behalf of France, I want to thank you for taking the team to even greater heights. You’ve reinstalled a sense of passion, hope, and love within us when we didn’t believe in the team.” When the twins nodded their thanks, the television personality turned to the camera. “Well, there you have it. Marcus and Ray da Díxon have officially left the post as coach.”

“Deschamps is coming back and he’ll be determined more than ever to write his own history with Les Bleus.” Ray supplied. “It’s not the end of the world. We wish Les Bleus the best in their future success. We’ll never stop being fans until our last breath. We love this country; it’s ours. Never stop dreaming, never stop believing. Don’t listen to the hate. You’re wonderful team! Allez les Bleus!”

Tony managed to smile. “Allez les Bleus! We wish you a great night from TF1,”



^ This is the last chapter of Les Bleus! The Path to Euro 2016. It’s been one heck of a ride! I was not expecting to write a full dedication football fiction to Les Bleus, it just sort of happened, and before I knew it, I was penning the 4th chapter. That’s when I decided to post it on here. This may or may not be my last entry for My Heart Beats Football. We’ll see when the new season of football rolls around. But for now, I bide you good night.

^ ALLEZ LES BLEUS! Don’t stop dreaming, never stop believing, the only way is forward. Thank you for a wonderful tournament. I wouldn’t trade you for another team no matter what. We’ve come close in 2014, even closer in 2016; we’ll close the gap in 2018.




My heart simply beats football.

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