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Lionel Messi’s blonde ambition is nothing more than ‘rebellion’

Image: Some Twitter a/c

Is Lionel Messi ruining his clean image? (What clean image?)

Leo’s girlfriend/partner/wife/whatever revealed his new look via Instagram and Twitter went mad. 

It’s like Messi is trying to make himself more interesting by getting all these horrible tats, the bold fashion statements, the haircuts, and now the shocking blonde hair!

But, I got news for you: People change when they’re being misled by the wrong associates/friends. People also change when they get older. People change when they become fathers and decide that they’ve missed out on their childhood and tries to compensate for it. People change when they climb out of their protective shells (Ask Edinson Cavani ’bout them whores). People change when they had enough of mean insults. People change when they’re tired of the ‘oh, he’s so boring’ comments.

People change and Leo is no different.

Maybe them Brazilian boys were bad influences *coughs* Neymar & Alves! *cough cough* but Lionel Messi is man enough to know what he wants. He is man enough to make HIS VERY OWN decisions when in the company of bad influence. Leo is in a place right now where he is rebelling. Yes, dear Leo is rebelling. As a child who was hopelessly shy, devoting his heart to football, he never really had the time to grow up, make bad decisions and learn from stupid mistakes… until Ronaldinho and co. However, Leo always lived in a bubble and had someone to protect him at all cost and when Pep Guardiola came to Barcelona, he got rid of the bad company around Leo.

But Leo is not THAT little boy anymore.

Yes, Mr. Messi is all grown up now (total hottie & all!), but the fact does not remain that Neymar has been rubbing off bad influences on him. He has found in Neymar something that he has never quite found in other teammates: a childish bond as silly as that may sound. Neymar is one of those friends that your parents warn you to stay away from. It took him only 3 years to rub off on Leo, who is still emerging from that cocoon he has been inhabiting for years.

Still, the fact remains that Messi is a grown man. That bubble has popped long ago. Long before Neymar started to stroke the fires and started to teach Messi bad things. Tats, haircuts, fashion, and blonde ambition aside, this does not change the fact that Lionel Messi is the best player in the universe (regardless of a somewhat mid-teen crisis). He better not pull a Cavani on Anto though!



My heart simply beats football.

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